Lance Karl – Chief CSO

The State of Georgia Felony Probation Program has offices in three counties: Fannin, Gilmer, and Pickens. This program supervises adult felony and concurrently running misdemeanor probationers.

Gilmer County DCS Office

706-502-8258 phone

Assistant Chief CSO Candra Speir
CSO Brett Davis
CSO Kaylan Hefner
CSO Rodney James
CSO Seth Curtis

Britny Rider

Support Staff
Heather Davis

Fannin County DCS Office

706-851-4813 phone

Assistant Chief CSO David Mathis
CSO Frank Grubb
CSO April Witherow

Support Staff
Sandra Boyd

Pickens County DCS Office

706-692-4805 phone

CSO Greg Owen
CSO Kandace Powell
CSO Ashley Bramlett

Support Staff
Sharon Colwell